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The noble Boyd line, which is extensive today, belongs to the relatively-uncommon R-U198 haplogroup. You can find more information on this rare and interesting group here:

The U198 project discussion page

Please note that the new R1b backbone test now being offered by FTDNA does not address the SNPs applicable to our R-U198 members.  Please DO NOT order this test.  See also the R-U198 project and their facebook page:

The R1b-U198 project

The other main group in our project is very interesting indeed. Haplogroup A is the "original" human Y-DNA haplogroup and has its origins in East Africa. It is found at low frequency in Europe but is otherwise rare outside Africa:

The haplogroup A project

Any genealogy which people would post (in "gedcom" form) would be helpful to the project. Help us to help you!

Anyone with any questions or suggestions is most welcome to contact Project Administrator: Bob Boyd