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About us

The primary goals of this independent project are to identify and connect those Boyds who share a common direct patrilineal ancestor. Since Y-DNA is the only type of DNA which can identify direct patrilineal ancestry, Y-DNA testing is a requirement for membership of this project and results for other types of DNA test are not included in our genetic reports. The Boyd/Boid/Boyde surname has several distinct and separate origins. The spelling of surnames was relatively inconsistent even into the 19th century. This is important to bear in mind, whether following a paper trail or studying your family's DNA. However, it is the DNA itself which most reliably defines family relationships. We look forward to the participation of persons whose family name is spelled either Boyd, Boid or Boyde and who have had, or are ordering, Y-DNA testing. Additionally, we welcome, at the administrators' discretion, those of any other surname whose Y-DNA results clearly reflect Boyd origins.