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Shelden, Sheldon


Sheldons are contributing DNA samples for analysis to determine if there are identifiable family connections.  

The project is sponsored by the Sheldon Family Association and is open to any who have interest in the Sheldon lineage.  Using traditional genealogical information coupled with DNA results, some links between early Colonial New England Sheldon settlers are possible.  

At present we are comparing results from descendants of Isaac Sheldon of Windsor CT and Northampton MA to descendants of John Sheldon of Pawtuxet and Providence RI to descendants of John of Kingston RI, and descendants of Godfrey Sheldon of Saco/Bluepoint/Black Point, Maine.  

With information from project members about their own lineage and the DNA tests, we have discovered a likely connection between Isaac and John of Kingston RI which suggests they are from a common ancestor.  Does it mean that they are cousins or second cousins or perhaps even brothers as reported in oral family history?


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