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About us

The SHELDON DNA project aims to study the DNA of SHELDONs worldwide and discover common ancestors. The goal of the project is to see if DNA testing can discover links between SHELDONs in various parts of the globe and connect them to one another. For American SHELDONs we have already connected those descended from John (8) of Providence and Godfrey (4) of Maine to their SHELDON ancestors and cousins from Derbyshire, England. We are still looking to connect John (13) of Kingston, Rhode Island and Isaac (5) of Windsor, CT with their origins in England. We have also connected many English SHELDONs with their mates. SHELDON men in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa may be able to connect with their kin in England. Combined with traditional genealogical research Y DNA results can be compared to other Sheldons and prove connections. We urge Sheldon men to do a Y37 test at FTDNA. Some English SHELDONs may have their kit sponsored by the project. Please contact us for details. SHELDON Women and all with SHELDON ancestry can share their atDNA (Family Finder) tests as well. These will tend to show cousins back to 4th cousin level with certainly and some as far back as 8-10th cousins occasionally. The objectives: 1) Assist members in proving their relationship to one of our many SHELDON lines 2) Encourage greater participation in the SHELDON DNA project by our members and our English cousins as well as their kin in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada 3) Determine the English ancestry of the American Group B SHELDONs: John (13) and Isaac (5) All persons with SHELDON ancestry are welcome to join the project. There is no membership required and we welcome members of the Sheldon Family Association and Sheldon Genealogy as well as the several SHELDON related facebook groups.