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Lær mer på Norgesprosjektets nettside med norske artikler.

This is a geographical project for people with known Norwegian ancestry, either through a direct paternal line (Y-DNA test), a direct maternal line (mt-DNA test), or other ancestors within ten generations (Family Finder autosomal test). If you only suspect Norwegian ancestry (based on matches or haplogroup), please do not join. You will be matched against the entire FTDNA database independent of which projects you are a member of.


Dette er et DNA-prosjekt for folk med norsk genetisk opphav, enten gjennom direkte farslinje (Y-DNA-test), direkte morslinje (mt-DNA-test) eller andre aner innenfor ti generasjoner (Family Finder autosomal test). Vi ønsker alle norske som tester seg gjennom FTDNA velkommen som medlemmer.

How to join
- if you have not tested yet, order your new test here:

- if you have already tested with FTDNA (or the Genographic project):
1. log in to your FTDNA account with your kit number and password
2. click "my FTDNA home"
3. click "join projects"
4. write "Norway" in the search field
5. click the highlighted project name "Norway"
6. click "join" at the bottom of the page
7. Remember to fill in complete information about your direct paternal/maternal line

For å bli med i Norgesprosjektet
- dersom du ennå ikke har testet deg, bestill til prosjektpriser her:

- om man allerede har testet via FTDNA/Genographic:
1. logge inn med kitnr og passord på FTDNA
2. gå til "my FTDNA home"
3. klikke på "join projects" i venstremargen
4. søk på Norge el Norway, - eller scroll ned til "dual geographical projects", finn N og deretter Norway
5. Klikk på "Norway"-navnet
6. Klikk på "join" nede til høyre

Who can join?
If one of these criteria is met, please join (you do not need all three, we will hide the results that are irrelevant):
* If you have done a Y-DNA test: your father's father's father's line, direct paternal line, must originate in Norway.
* If you have done an mtDNA test: your mother's mother's mother's line, the direct maternal line, must originate in Norway
* If you have done a Family Finder test: at least one of your direct ancestors in any line within 10-12 generations must originate in Norway

Ancestry Information
It is very important that all members of the project fill in as detailed information as possible about their ancestral background.

Under My Account you find Most Distant Ancestors. Here you must fill in the following:

1. Country of origin
This is for direct paternal and maternal lines

2. Name
Please fill in:
* given names, patronymic, and farm name/surname
* year of birth if known, or year of death
* place and county

Give as detailed information as possible, but note that the space is very limited, so please see the following examples. Note that we will slightly edit the information to fit this format if the details are already known through the map function or a GEDCOM. Also see our list of county abbreviations. 

* Ingeborg Olsdtr Eide 1799-1864 Odda, HRD, NO
* Ola Nilsson Eide b1799 Eid, MRO
* Ola Nilsen Gjerde c1800 Stranda, MRO
* Ragnhild Nilsdt Hestnes b1800 Stange, HED, NO

The field has very limited size, so you will need to shorten info, like Nilsd instead of Nilsdotter - and use NO instead of Norway. Add only birth year if known, death year only if birth year is not known. Do not waste space on blank spaces, commas etc. See examples on our public lists, and do not use the format listed as example under the name field. We need full name and place/county as well as birth year.

If Unknown origin, write why, for example:
* Adopted, no further info
* M Smith d 1965 NY, no info
* Grandfather d 1981 NC, no info
* Mary Jones (1881-1960) CA, adopted

For very recent ancestors (like above) you might want to anonymize information. If you find any of this a little complicated, please contact stating that you need help to fill in this information, and you will receive help directly.

Also note that your direct maternal ancestor is the name of your mother's mother's mother etc - it is always a woman.

Your direct paternal line (father's father's father etc) should originate in Norway for your results to be listed in the Norway project. The same goes for you maternal line (mother's mother's mother etc) - if these are not listed with "country = Norway" it will normally not be included in the overview shown on the project homepage. There are some of you who have both paternal and maternal lines from other countries and cultures than Norway. Unless you have other Norwegian ancestry (please fill in ancestral surnames with place, and upload a GEDCOM) and order a Family Finder test to check this out, you are not within the scope of the project. If you want to have your data compared to people with Norwegian ancestry nevertheless, adjust your settings to include all FTDNA users instead of limited to a project. Then your tests should be compared to the complete FTDNA database.

3. Ancestral Locations
Please enter name, dates and place for earliest known ancestor of direct paternal and maternal lines and make sure the place gets correct on the map.

4. Ancestral Surnames
These will be visible for your Family Finder matches, if you have done this test. This section can be auto-filled in if you upload a GEDCOM file first - see below. Remember to add place, county and country to the "place" field to help distinguish families from those with the same names.

If you have done a Family Finder test, please consider uploading a GEDCOM-file with your complete direct ancestry. See the FTDNA FAQ for how to do this, or visit our webpage. Use farm names in the last name field (not patronymics). Also please make sure your GEDCOM contains years and places for birth and death as well as names.

Informasjon om opphav
Det er tre forskjellige steder på FTDNA-sidene hvor det skal fylles ut informasjon om opphav.

NB: Husk at direkte farslinje er farfars farfars farfar osv - og direkte morslinje er mormors mormors mormor osv.

1. Contact information: hvilke land direkte fars- og morslinje stammer fra
2. My Maps: Plot Ancestral Locations: navn, datoer og sted for eldste kjente ane i direkte fars- og morslinje
3. User Preferences: navn, datoer og sted for eldste kjente ane i direkte fars- og morslinje - og om man har bestilt Family Finder, også etternavn i alle linjer under ancestral surnames. Dette gjøres enklest gjennom å laste opp en GEDCOM-fil først, og så generere etternavnsliste fra denne.

Norske Fylker - Norwegian counties
Forkortelser for å få plass til mest mulig informasjon - Abbreviations to be able to convey as much info as possible in the small name field

Oppland - OPL
Hedmark - HED
Østfold - ØFO
Akershus - AKR
Oslo OSL
Buskerud - BUS
Vestfold - VFO
Telemark - TEL
Agder - AGD
Aust-Agder - A-AGD
Vest-Agder - V-AGD
Rogaland - ROG
Hordaland - HRD
Sogn og Fjordane - SFJ
Møre og Romsdal - MRO
Trøndelag - TRØ
Sør-Trøndelag - STR
Nord-Trøndelag - NTR
Nordland - NRL
Troms - TRO
Finnmark - FIN

For Swedish counties, see one-letter codes on Wikipedia.

Haplogroup projects
We encourage all of you to also join the proper haplogroup projects for your Y-DNA and mt-DNA results. Through these you might learn more about your haplogroup.
The most common ones listed here:

Y-DNA Paternal lineage
* I1
* R1a 
* R1a & all subclades
* R1b 
* N

mtDNA Maternal lineage
* H
* T2
* U2 U2/default.aspx
* U5
* J
* K
* V

Norwegian Genealogical Resources

Tracing more ancestors in Norway:
The Norwegian Digital archives with scanned parish records, census records and a lot more are open and free for all to use to trace ancestors and family: http://
There are two discussion forums where anyyone can post queries.
* DIS Norge forum, anyone can register as guest (free, choose English as language).
* Webdebatt at Norwegian Digital Archives, register to post (free)
* Recommended article by Yngve Nedrebø: "How to Trace Your Ancestors in Norway" (online)
* There is also a Facebook group for those who want to discuss various issues there - no need to have tested to join

Norsk informasjon om DNA
Det fins flere nettsider og fora hvor man kan få informasjon om DNA-testing på norsk.
* Det fins mye informasjon om DNA for Slektsforskere på DIS Norges nettsider, blant annet beskrivelse av de forskjellige haplogruppene.
* Facebook-gruppe hvor alle DNA-interesserte kan være medlemmer
* Forum hvor man kan poste spørsmål og kommentarer: DNA på Slektsforum

Norwegian Family Names
Norwegian names are sometimes difficult to understand, as hereditary surnames were not usually used. Except for the bourgeoisie in the cities and some civil servant families, almost all Norwegians were farmers, and used a three-part naming system:
* First name: all given names
* Patronymic: Olsdatter, Sveinsson, Nilsen etc, showing the given name of their father
* Farm name: the name of the farm where they were born or lived - this would change when people moved, but is the name that can best be used to find a person's origin

Recommended reading for all Norwegian-Americans:
Genealogical pages from Johan Borgos explaining the Norwegian Naming patterns.
Article from Norway Heritage which explains why you can't follow the surnames of your Norwegian paternal line, but need to add the farm names.
More about the three part Norwegian names from (government).

Ancestral surnames
If you have completed a Family Finder-test, then adding surnames for all your ancestral lines is very useful to trace common ancestry with your matches. The easiest way to do this is to first upload your direct ancestor GEDCOM-file. The surnames can then be generated from there.

Important note: the names that are useful for this are the farm names, not the patronymics. If your ancestor was calle Erik Olsson Heia, then Heia is the name that can help you find relatives (not Olsson).

Need help?
If you have questions about the project you can email to reach the administrators anytime.