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Norway DNA - Norge

Norgesprosjektet DNA
  • 10738 members

About us

To contact the project admins, use: info@norwaydna.no

Important: To be a member of this project you MUST give the administrators Limited or Full access to your test results. You find the settings on the Project Preferences page.

Everyone with known Norwegian ancestors should join our national DNA project.

By known we mean within a genealogical timeframe, normally with names documented in sources after 1600. Assumed Viking connections is beyond the scope of this project.

Matching Norwegians, or showing a percentage of "Scandinavian" in MyOrigins does not mean you are Norwegian.

How to join

- if you have not tested yet, order your new test here: http://www.familytreedna.com/group-join.aspx?Group=Norway

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www.norwaydna.no med norske artikler.

By joining you contribute to our knowledge about haplogroup distribution in Norway. The statistics can only show results from members, so it is essential that as many as possible of the testers with known Norwegian ancestry join.

Who could and should join?

  • people with a known Norwegian direct paternal line and a Y-DNA test
  • people with a known Norwegian direct maternal line and an mtDNA-test
  • people with known Norwegian ancestry within 10-12 generations and a Family Finder test
Everyone with known Norwegian ancestry having tested through FTDNA or Genographic is encouraged to join.

Our lists of Y- and mtDNA results are an important source for Norwegian genealogy research. The lists show names, years and place for the earliest known direct ancestors (no living people) together with the haplogroup and subgroup result. This will assist people trying to confirm their direct paternal and maternal lines.

The Norway DNA Project is thus a large "dugnad" for Norwegian genealogists to gather as much information as possible about the direct paternal and maternal ancestors!

The Project Aims are:

  • spread knowledge about DNA-testing as a genealogical method
  • show result lists for Y-DNA and mtDNA of Norwegian direct lines: DNA-results as genealogical source
  • gather all Norwegian testers as members
  • map haplogroup distribution in Norway
  • assist in finding connections between genealogy and DNA-testing

Project administrators can also be of help with interpretation of results and giving advice both for further genealogy work and what testing would be most useful as next step.