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 COMMENTS FROM FTDNA re unusual Gillespie test results -

Dec. 14, 2011 - Group 5 -- Kit 210525
 -- message from FTDNA 
Question from Connie - Can you explain the DYS19 14-19 result?  I have never seen a DYS19 result like this before.
Answer from FTDNA -  210525 "is one of the rare few that have a value for both 19a and 19b."

October 25, 2011 - GROUP 1 -- Kit 211934 --
 message from FTDNA
 "The marker review you requested for kit 211934 is now complete. According to the notes made on the review, this review was to 'confirm the value at DYS460 since the modal for the group is 11.'  After multiple independent runs at the lab, the unusual value of 7 at DY460 for kit 211934 was confirmed as originally scored."