Gillespie Y-DNA Project

Rev. George Gillespie b.1613 of Kirkcaldy is NOT the grand daddy of us all !
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About us

THE PRIMARY FOCUS OF THIS PROJECT is to test and analyze the YDNA of the various Gillespie (any spelling) families around the world. Test participants must be male and bear the surname GILLESPIE.  37 to 111 markers are necessary for an accurate comparison within a genealogical time frame. We do recommend testing more than one direct male descendant of the earliest documented ancestor through different son lines. Triangulation of these tests help to confirm the haplotype of individual lines.  Our project functions at an advanced level and is actively involved with advanced haplogroup SNP testing to create family SNP trees.

Advanced SNP tests will be recommended to define family lines and establish the most accurate matches.  The SNP tests include BIG Y700 and individual SNP tests.

The "earliest ancestor" information listed for testees in this project represent names that can be documented rather than names that are theory/unproven.

Family Finder test results do not have a public display.  The number of testees in our project that have ordered Family Finder is noted on the PROJECT STATISTICS page.  Project admins can tell members if they are an autosomal DNA match to other members of this project, but do not analyze the atDNA data.

MANY UNRELATED GILLESPIE LINES ~  Testing has revealed that there is no single CORE Gillespie family line representing this surname.  Y-DNA testing has established that there are many unrelated families, from different haplogroups using the surname Gillespie, and believing their origin to be in Ireland or Scotland. YDNA matches may be strong, but often a lack of documentation from very early records makes it difficult to firmly establish family connections.  Next Generation Sequencing tests such as BIGY and individual SNP tests help to sort kits that are STR matches and add clarity to other surname matches.

Testing provides DNA results. Your results do not guarantee matches that will easily extend your known genealogy. Do not assume that one DNA test will provide your entire genealogy or the exact place your ancestor lived hundreds of years ago.

It is your responsibility to search historical records and establish your direct line genealogy via actual documents. You must also educate yourself about genetic genealogy - check our project LINKS page.

You may need to order the 111 YDNA test and advanced haplogroup SNP tests for multiple male cousin lines to achieve your goals. YDNA tests may take 4 months. Family Finder will take one month or more.  BIG Y700 may take one to six months.

All of the major Gillespie lines have chosen the 37 or 67 marker DNA test kits.  Many have upgraded to 111 markers which is especially helpful for deep ancestry and current family branching.  BIG Y700, the advanced SNP discovery test, is strongly recommended as a compliment to Y-DNA testing.