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Rev. George Gillespie b.1613 of Kirkcaldy is NOT the grand daddy of us all !
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About us

CONGRATULATIONS !   Our Gillespie DNA Project celebrated its 12th year in Dec. 2016. Our 1st kit #28870 was purchased on Dec. 1, 2004.

The beautiful banner for our Gillespie DNA Project comes from a photograph taken by Charles Moore during a trip to Scotland.


Connie McKenzie - Contact Connie if you have questions about the Gillespie DNA Project, test results, additional orders and testee sub-grouping.  Connie is a descendant of Group 1 Haplogroup I2 - Thomas Gillespie b1719 and Naomi Thompson - d1797 Rowan Co NC through son George.

Charles Moore - Contact Charles about Gillespie DNA Group 2 Haplogroup I1, Haplogroup R1b-U106, and advanced DNA analysis.  Charles is a descendant of Group 2 - William Gillespie born c1720 died c1801 Pendleton Dist SC.  The famous Gillespie Rifle Makers belong to Group 2.


Hap I2 Group 1 - Betty Gillespie Pollack - Contact Betty if you have questions about early Gillespie lines in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Ohio.  Betty has also documented some unrelated Gillespie lines.

Hap I1 Group 2 - Perry Gillespie - Contact Perry if you have questions about the Gillespie Rifle Maker families and the BIGY research for Group 2.

Don Anderson - Contact Don about using YDNA and atDNA tests to assist adoptees discover bio ancestors.


Richard Gillespie --  drgillespie at txchiropractor dot net
Contact Rick (Group 1 - 28870 Thomas Gillespie and Naomi Thompson through son George) if you have basic questions about Gillespie lines that settled in Texas. Rick was the 1st Gillespie to take the Y-DNA test for the Gillespie DNA Project in Dec. 2004.

Dave Gillespie -- starfieldgroup at gmail dot com
Contact Dave (Kit #94854 - tested BIGY) if you have questions about Haplogroup R1b M222.

Duane Gillaspie -- dngllsp7 at gmail dot com
Contact Duane (Kit # 38866 - tested BIGY) if you have questions about his Haplogroup R1b U106 Gillaspie family.

Project Administrators and Assistants are not FTDNA employees, they are genetic genealogy hobbyist volunteers.
They do not receive any form of financial payment or any other incentive or reimbursement for their work.  Project administrators are responsible for the content on the project websites.  

Organization of DNA kits into subgroups and naming of those groups is done by project administrators after analyzing the comparative results.  Placement of DNA kits within the subgroups is dictated by FTDNA STR mutation programming and cannot be altered by project administrators. 
Project administrators have indicated the primary haplogroup branch and SNPs in the subgroup titles, where applicable, and have activated the SNP RESULTS display page.

The link above will take you to the Yahoo discussion group for the Gillespie DNA Project.   This forum began in Sept. 2005.  This is a "restricted" group for the use of our YDNA project members and their documented cousins.  Do NOT ask to join our Yahoo group if your Gillespie line is not represented by a YDNA test in our project. Individuals must request to join and provide documentation about their direct Gillespie ancestors.  The focus of the group is the application of our YDNA test results for the various Gillespie family lines.  You may use any email account to send and receive emails from this Yahoo group. However, you will need a Yahoo email account, and be signed into and then head to Yahoo Groups to access the FILES/PHOTO sections at this site.