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Thanks to this project as well as the Romany DNA project, we have learned some interesting discoveries.

The European Romany men in this project, are all found carrying
Y Haplo Group H1a, which by it's self is interesting!
But there is more! Of those Romany men DNA tested and found in
Y Haplo H1a, all are also found carrying the exact same marker mutation in common with each other. DNS marker 425 = 0, null value.
To date, 100% of those Romany male lineages in Haplo H1a, who are tested to the 67 marker level, are all found carrying this null value marker in common, which highly suggests that the European Romany descended from a single Adam and Eve ancestor some time with in the last 2000 years, since the time the Romany migrated to Europe.

Does not seem to matter what our surnames are today, does not seem to matter which clans we descended from, those Roms carrying
Y Haplo H1a _ M82, all appear to have descended from a single paternal lineage.