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About us

The criteria of this project is for the male Y DNA participant to be in Y Haplogroup H*

If you have only taken the autosomal DNA test and have no plans up upgrading to the Y DNA test, you will be removed from this project
If you are female, you are trying to join the wrong project, this is a male only project because females do not carry the male Y chromosome and you will be removed from the project. 

Y DNA participants are highly encouraged to upgrade to the Big Y DNA test some day in the future The Y Haplogroup H tree has grown to over 300 H SNP's thanks to those men whom have upgraded to the Big Y test.

By joining this project, you agree to set your privacy settings to Limited. If you set your privacy settings to Minimum, you are in essence locking the Admin's out of your test results, which defeats the purpose of joining a DNA project.
Please change your privacy settings to Limited, so the Admin's of this project or any project can view your test results.

Sub Groupings color code:
Light Blue = Big Y DNA tested
Orange = SNP was from the participants autosomal test
Light Gray = no SNP testing done yet.