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About us

By joining this project, all participants agree to have their privacy setting set to publicly display their Y DNA results. 
This is an open public project, participants whom choose to not share their Y DNA results, are not really helping the goals of this project to be an open public project. 

Y Haplogroup H and it's sub clades appear to be around 30,000 to 40,000 years old.
H and sub clades appear to primarily be found in South Asia and the Middle East.
The only known H* population of Europe are the Roma / Romany Gypsy people who are confirmed to be in Y Haplogroup H1a - M82.
By some estimates the Romany version of Y Haplogroup H1a - M82 maybe only 2000 years old. The Romany version of H1a - M82 is identified through marker 425 = 0 null.
No other M82 population so far has been identified as carrying M82 with the 425 = 0 null marker mutation outside the Romany Gypsy population.

H = M69
H1 = M52
H1a = M82
H1a1 - M197
H2 = P96 ( formerly known as F3 ) 

Participants maybe asked to upgrade SNP's to narrow down their specific SNP "Haplo sub clade"

Thanks to Ray Banks, we now have a new experimental Y Haplo H tree.

Before you join this project, please take the time to understand the rules and criteria.
This project is a Y DNA project for MEN only!

1. You MUST be Y DNA tested to be a member of this project! You MUST be in Y Haplogroup H or one of it's sub groups to be a member of this project!
2. If you have recently transferred your autosomal test to FTDNA, and you have not been Y DNA tested, then you do not fit the criteria of this project!
3. If you have only been autosomal tested and try to join this project, I will remove you because you have not been Y DNA tested.
4. If after you have been Y DNA tested and you are confirmed to be in Y Haplo Group H, H1 or H1a, you will be more then welcome to rejoin this project.
5. If you are in any other Y Haplogroup besides Y Haplo H*, I will remove you from this project!

This project is for men who carry Y Haplogroup H or it's sub groups H1 or H1a, or all future sub groups of H.

Please double check your test results before joining this project.

So be warned in advance, if you have not been Y DNA tested by FTDNA and confirmed by FTDNA to be in Y Haplo Group H or one of it's sub groups, I will remove you from this project. If you do not understand the criteria of this project, please contact me first.

Ladies, if you have been mt DNA tested as mt Haplo H* you are not welcome to join this project because this is a MALE Y DNA project.
mt Haplo H ( female ) is NOT the same thing as the male Y Haplo Group H*. Again if you ladies try to join this project only being mt DNA tested, I will remove you from this project.