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This group is for those who have tested positive for the SNP P109. To see your P109 status go to your user page and look for the Haplotree tab. On the main tree click on the I you should see your SNP results on the extended I tree. There will also be a list of SNPs you are positive for (+) and negative for (-) below the tree. If you do not see P109 in the list then you need to order the extended clade test as an upgrade. By definition, this is a Y-DNA project group only, which therefore focus on the paternal line of the project member. You should be able to see results at: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/ydna_I-P109 Some results of the BigY test and other sources can also be consulted and discussed at P109.haplogroup.org Discussions and exchanges of information can also be done on the closed group I-P109 at Facebook. Paternal Ancestry Before we can understand the ancient history of a Haplogroup, we must learn about where it is found today. Where has it traveled? What is recorded in family genealogies? By knowing the genealogies, it can be placed in the context of recorded history. Once sufficient information about the Haplogroup and its clades exists, then they may be placed in the context of ancient history and anthropology. Therefore, please fill in as much information as possible about your ancestry on your direct paternal line in your Family Tree DNA account. Understanding Your Results Family Tree DNA provides several help sections to explain Y-DNA results. Test Results: Y-DNA Short Tandem Repeat (STR) The answers to questions about Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) test results. What do your Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results mean? What should you do next? How recently are you related to your matches? Should you upgrade? Test Results: Y-DNA Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) What is a Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP? What is Deep Ancestry? What is a phylogenetic tree? What do my results mean? Y-Tree Questions about the Y-Tree page. What is the YCC Tree? What is the Draft Tree? What information is included in the Draft Tree? Walk Through the Y (WTY) What is the Walk Through the Y (WTY) project? Who Should test? Who may test? Contact Please keep your Family Tree DNA account updated if your information changes. For instance, if you change your e-mail account, discover new information about your maternal line, or have further testing done. ISOGG If you have not already, please join the International Society of Genetic Genealogy, ISOGG. The ISOGG website is: http://www.isogg.org. --- Rebekah A. Canada/Nicolas Taban/ Charles Thornton Volunteer Administrators.