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Nicolas Taban Nicolas Taban
July 29, 2015 @ 7:38am
The current tree, in a simplified version!
Vance Symonds
June 9 @ 10:20pm
Hello...I am not an expert here, but in the P109 group, on the far right in the above picture, in the orange/brown box, is a list of 5 haplogroups, starting with I-Y3662. Below this, these haplogroups are split into two branches, and in the left branch is the haplogroup Y4045. Under this is a bunch of haplogroups, and Y4051 is included in that tree. Over at YFull, I-Y4051 is lumped in with I-Y4045. I would guess that that means that there have not been enough people yet tested with your haplotype to allow the people already tested to be definitely split. I-Y4045 is Martin Potter, so it seems likely that you and he have a common ancestor. Someone with more knowledge than me will likely give you a better answer. Regards
Daniel Outlaw
June 10 @ 10:19am
fyi: https://yfull.com/tree/I-P109/ My question is : Is this the latest ? Accurate?
Daniel Outlaw
June 10 @ 10:53am
of interest: http://dna.scangen.se/spn/SwedishDNAProjectNews_02_2014.pdf SWEDISH DNA PROJECT NEWS - No 2, July 2014 see: Families within I-P109 http://www.next1000.com/family/EC/DNA.history.html DNA Analysis and proofs I1-M253, I1-DF29, & I1d- L22 Family Tree DNA analysis by Elroy Christenson ... One of the first changes of the DNA was a mutation that put this at I1-P109 at about 3,000 to 4,000 years old. The present theory is that I-M253 was dispersed from Denmark and I-P109 in particular is associated with the southern Denmark Scandinavians. [wikipedia 2015] Whereas the L22+ "is the main Nordic subclade. It is also very common in Britain, especially on the east coast where the Vikings settled most heavily, in the Low Countries and Normandy (also doubtlessly the heritage of the Danish Viking), as well as in Poland and Russia (Swedish Vikings)." ... The P109 is the main Scandinavian subclad that shows up with the Danish Viking settlements in England, Scotland, Ireland, Normandy coast of France, and the Isle of Man among others ... my Outlaw web pages: http://www.mygen.com/users/outlaw/
Darin Flansburg
June 10 @ 11:27pm
Daniel, regarding your question whether the YFull tree is the latest and accurate. Yes, it is.
Nicolas Taban Nicolas Taban
July 29, 2015 @ 7:39am
the tree below S14887:
Charles Thornton
September 11 @ 8:35pm
FGC21980 is one of six major subgroups of S14887. There are only two members in FCG21980 at this time in Yfull (https://www.yfull.com/tree/I-S14887/), and seven members at the P109 Haplogroup site (http://p109.haplogroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/P109-SNPsPositions-S7660_B-June2016.jpg). Only four of these seven have taken the BigY test. You'll notice in the latter site that there are HUGE bottlenecks with those members that have tested. There's only one position you could test into at position 21366437, but that's about it. After that your only option to get more resolution is the BigY test.
Juan Pablo Presedo Perez
September 12 @ 3:59am
Thanks for your reply Charles, really appreciated. How could I test into position 21366437? Do I need a BigY test to verify that? Thanks!!
Charles Thornton
September 12 @ 7:13pm
Juan Pablo Presedo Perez
September 13 @ 4:11am
Charles Thornton Charles Thornton
February 28 @ 1:05pm
Kick-off of the “P109 Migration Project” Hopefully everyone got the email announcing the first phase of the P109 Migration Project. The goal of this project is an attempt to: i. Further refine the correlation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) that comprise the genetic genealogy information that is harbored in our respective Y-chromosomes, and ii. attempt to further correlate this genetic genealogy information with geographic migration patterns of the different I1-P109 subgroups. We will be requesting deep ancestry information in the near future, but we would like to get as many people as possible to identify their terminal SNP. If you have taken the BigY test, or the “I1-Y3549 (P109) SNP Pack” panel test, we already know your terminal SNP (i.e., you don’t need to do anything at this time). But if you haven’t taken the BigY test, or the I1-Y3549 SNP Pack tests, please review the materials that were sent out to help identify what you need to do, and how you can get tested. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Earl Foust
March 4 @ 2:27pm
Question: I manage my father's kit. If he is already shown to be P-109 and took a Deep Clade test, does he still need the I1-Y3549 (P109) SNP Pack test?
Charles Thornton
March 4 @ 6:50pm
Yes, he took the backbone test in 2011 ... the number of new SNPs below P109 has exploded as a result of the BigY test. In addition, the entire group you have been placed in does not have a single terminal SNP identified ... you are exactly who needs to test with the I1-Y3549 SNP Pack test.
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Randolph Springer Daniel Outlaw
Randolph Springer
May 26 @ 4:00pm
I am administrator of my cousin's kit #90368. Springer is my mother's line. Our Big Y results came in today. Terminal SNP is I-FGC21611. Jim Wilson
Randolph Springer
June 21 @ 10:11am
I have submitted our Big Y results to YFull.
Darin Flansburg
June 23 @ 9:29am
Thank you Randolph
Darin Flansburg Darin Flansburg
June 21 @ 10:58am
OKay, so looking at our SNP sale in March, this was the kick-off of our I-P109 Migration project. Of the 40 tests that were ordered here is the breakdown. 3 fell under the main branch of I-Y3664, 1 fell under I-Y5621, 10 fell under I-S10891, 23 fell under I-Y3662 and 3 fell under the new branch of I-BY19755.
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June 18 @ 6:32am
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M S Pär Zelano Tore Henriksson
Daniel Outlaw Daniel Outlaw
June 15 @ 2:24pm
http://www.mygen.com/users/outlaw/Outlawe_Research_Journal_14.htm Interesting Sweden map of I-P109 distribution ( I1a1b1 old designation) ... http://dna.scangen.se/index.php?show=intro&lang=en The Swedish Haplogroup Database (SHD) is a free and independent database with the purpose to collect the haplogroups of historical Swedish persons and thus create a tool to include this knowledge into traditional genealogy. The aim is also to present statstics of haplogroup distribution and contribute to the knowledge about pre-historic migration in Scandinavia. http://dna.scangen.se/index.php?show=stats&stat=haplomap&lang=en&typ_sel=Y&haplo_sel=I1a1b1&haplo_level=99&region_sel=lan&database=shd&map_region=0
Charles Eure Charles Eure
May 15 @ 4:54pm
I joined two Eure's to the project. This one is Big-Y test verified P109>S7660>S14887>S18218, the NGS results of the other haven't come in yet, but they are close haplotype matches. From looking at the P109 website and the BIg-Y that is in, the Eure's are in the 18750778 branch under S18218. According to Ybrowse that is Name: Y30033 Type: snp Source: point Position: ChrY:18750778..18750778 (+ strand) Length: 1 allele_anc: G allele_der: A comment: Below P109 > S14887 count_derived: 0 count_tested: 0 isogg_haplogroup: I1 load_id: Y30033 mutation: G to A primer_f: YP459_F primer_r: YP459_R ref: YFull (2017) ycc_haplogroup: I1-S14887 primary_id: 7862 gbrowse_dbid: chrY:databasehttp://ybrowse.org/gb2/gbrowse_details/chrY?ref=ChrY;start=18750778;end=18750778;name=Y30033;class=Sequence;feature_id=7862;db_id=chrY%3Adatabase I looked for 24070719, which he is also a carrier of, but that is not in Ybrowse. Perhaps it too should be entered. I'm going to ask another Eure haplotype match that is verified S7660 to join too. He just got results from a 111 kit during the DNA day sale (His father's is pending). Can the project help sponsor a Big-Y during the Father's Day sale for one of them?.
Jack Seeley
May 16 @ 12:53am
Are y'all related to the Barons of Eure?
Charles Eure
May 16 @ 10:00am
Need their descendants Y-DNA :-)
Jack Seeley
June 10 @ 12:42pm
Have you submitted to YFull yet?
Andrew Fredricks Andrew Fredricks has a question!
June 9 @ 6:03am
If I am doing my fathers DNA can I test for just my Haplogroup or is there a benefit to a wider test?
Jim Cumings
June 9 @ 11:16am
Andrew, I started off with the Y-111, then did the P109 SNP test, and finally the Big Y test.
Jim Cumings
June 9 @ 11:17am
I would have saved a lot of cash just doing the Big Y. If I could do it over, that's what I'd do.
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Darin Flansburg Darin Flansburg
June 6 @ 7:57am
For those of you who are new, we also have a facebook page with lots of stimulating discussions - you should consider joining.