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All surname variants welcome including Wesley
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About us

The Wisley-Wisely-Wiseley Surname Project welcomes all variant spellings of the surname including Wesley. Our goal is to advance the genealogy using DNA evidence to learn more about the various origins and lines of descent. REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINING: Wisley descendants must have Y-DNA and/or Family Finder results at FamilyTreeDNA in order to join the project. * Males with the Wisley surname (or variant) should order a Y-DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA. * Males with other surnames who match Wisley men in Y-DNA at Y-37 or higher are welcome to join. * Males and females with Wisley ancestry within 5 generations may join with Family Finder results. * To transfer autosomal DNA result from another company, please see FamilyTreeDNA’s transfer page. Please email administrator Lucy Nelson if you have questions or need help with the ordering process.