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The Whitney family Ydna project seeks to determine to what extent, if any, the three separate emigrant lines are related internally to each other-- John-1, Henry-1 and Samuel-1-- to other Whitney's whose family connection is unknown, and to the Whitney family(s) in Gt. Britain. As of 2/22/06, a profile of the John-1 line seems to be identified with exact or very close matches out to 37 markers; the Henry-1 line is also identified out to 25 markers. One participant from the Samuel-1 line has submitted his DNA and appears to be somewhat related to the other two documented lines, although he is closer to the Henry-1 line. Altogether, 67 people are participating, 67 have returned their kits, and 66 have received their evaluations. At this point there appears to be pretty good documentation connecting the John-1 line to Whitney-on-Wye, but not anything connecting the Henry-1, Samuel-1 or other unconnected Whitneys to any families in England or Wales. We need more participants, and are requesting that participants take the 25 marker test if possible. They must be male Whitneys who can trace their descent through their fathers line, or if they don't know, who think they are descended from through the male line.