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If you are wondering what happened to the publicly accessible grouped genealogical data and genetic results summaries that used to appear on the project’s Results tab when requested by the participating members, read on…

The information on this publicly accessible Results page has to be manually entered or deleted or otherwise edited by the volunteer project administrators, as there is no way for project members to edit the page directly. Particularly in response to The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with its enforcement date of 25 May 2018, the data that had previously been voluntarily provided by project members to the volunteer project administrator for display on our project’s publicly accessible Results page was deleted 23 March 2018.

Project members may continue to share information directly with one another by posting to the project’s Activity Feed, which is accessible to project members. Project members are able to make or delete their own posts there, giving them direct and immediate control of the information they share there.

Members also continue to remain in direct control of other shared information by making the appropriate selections on the Privacy & Sharing tab when logged into their Family Tree DNA kits. As of March 2018, those choices include:
  • Who can view my Earliest Known Ancestor?
  • Who can see me in project member lists?
  • Who can view my ethnic breakdown in myOrigins?
  • Who can view my DNA results in group projects?
  • Who can view my mtDNA Coding Region mutations?
  • How much access do Project administrators have to my account?
Depending on the privacy and sharing selections chosen by individual members, what a person is able to see when viewing our project's DNA results charts depends on whether or not the person is logged into a participating member kit.  Some members choose to allow the public at large to view their results in the charts; others choose to allow only those logged into a member kit to see their results in the charts.

Although the loss of organized, summary data previously provided on the publicly accessible Results tab will no doubt be disappointing to some project members and members of the larger genealogical community, it is hoped that increasing privacy protection efforts will also inspire more worldwide participation in genetic genealogy pursuits to aid in our quests to understand our origins.

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