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Welcome, visitor! The global Wheelock Surname DNA Project aims to supplement genealogical research on Wheelock families with genetic evidence in hopes of further developing the Wheelock family tree. The surname Wheelock was used in England as early as the twelfth century (1100s) and possibly before. It was likely adopted by one or more families from the name of the location at which they lived. A village called Wheelock was already in existence when the Domesday book was compiled in 1086. At that time the spelling was recorded as "Hoiloch," but the spelling was later standardized as "Wheelock." A nearby river also shares the name. There are other spelling variations of the surname, such as Whillock, and it is possible that similar surnames arose independently in other locations besides England. People who think they might bear any variation of the surname or descend from an ancestor who bore any variation of the surname from any part of the world are welcome and encouraged to participate in this DNA project.

Using DNA testing, the Wheelock Surname DNA Project can tell us which family lines are related, confirming or refuting lineages with established paper trails and pointing the way for further research for other lineages.  It can also reveal particular DNA signature variations for particular family lines, enabling us to place previously unlinked families into their respective branches of the Wheelock family tree.

Males who descend from a Wheelock along their all-male ancestral line may participate in the project through Y-DNA testing.

Anyone who descends from a female Wheelock along his or her all-female ancestral line may participate in the project through Mitochondrial (mt) DNA testing.

Anyone who descends from a Wheelock along any of his or her ancestral lines may participate in the project through Family Finder (autosomal) DNA testing.

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