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Wellhausen - Amsler - Fricke

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BIG NEWS ITEM # 1:  Our Wellhausen-Amsler Family History DNA Study has our first two Welhausen Y-DNA matching testers at 106 / 111 markers, forming our first subgroup -- I1 (I-M170) Wellhausen-Wellhouse Hanover-Texas-Ohio.

Our first matching tester -- a descendant of the HANOVER-TEXAS line of ERNST CHRISTOPHE CARL WELLHAUSEN -- has posted 111-marker results that classify him as Haplogroup I1 and also as subclade I-M253-ASgen (Anglo-Saxon Generic). Carl was born in 1793 in Herzberg, Osterode, Hanover, raised his family in Hildesheim, Hanover, immigrated to Texas with his family in 1843, and died in Lavaca Co., TX, in 1866.

Our second matching y-tester, who matches our HANOVER-TEXAS Wellhausen family, is a Wellhouse tester on the HANOVER-WAYNE line, tracing back through Wayne County, Ohio, to JOHN ERNST CHRISTIAN WELLHAUSEN. John had a son Christian in 1751 in Adelebsen, Gottingen, Hanover (now Lower Saxony, Germany). Christian's birthplace in Adelebsen is located only about twenty-five miles west southwest of Herzberg, birthplace of our first Welhausen tester's Earliest Known Ancestor, Ernst Christophe Carl Wellhausen.

BIG NEWS ITEM # 2: Our Study has our first Amsler subgroup of four matching y-DNA testers -- one in Austin Texas, and three in Switzerland  
 R1b1a2a1a2c (R-CTS-11722) Amsler Schinznach, Aargau, Switzerland.

BIG NEWS ITEM # 3: Our Study has our third testing Y-DNA Wellhausen member -- who forms our second Wellhausen subgroup, R1b1a2 (R-M269) Wellhausen Hanover-IO-MN.

BIG NEWS ITEMS # 4:  Our Study has out fourth testing Y-DNA Wellhausen-variant member,  who forms our third Wellhausen-variant subgroup -- R1a1a (R-M198 R-SRY10831.2) Weller Westphalen Germany.  

Our group also has four mt-DNA testers, plus eleven Family-Finder testers, including nine on the Hanover-Texas line, who match each other.