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Wellhausen - Amsler - Fricke

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About us

All males surnamed Wellhausen, Wilhousen, Welhouse, Willhouse, Welhuis, Wellejus, Amsler, Amzler, Flato, Flatow, Flateau, Fricke, Fricker, Frick, Frich, Fritsch plus similar spellings in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, America, Europe, and around the world, are cordially invited to take the Y-DNA test and join this Wellhausen-Amsler Family History Y-DNA Study. Female Wellhausen-Amsler-Flato-Fricke descendants and other male Wellhausen, Amsler or Fricke descendants not having the Wellhausen, Amsler, Flato, or Fricke surname can easily participate and advance the Study by recruiting their Wellhausen-Amsler-Fricke-surname father, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, etc., to take the test representing their common Wellhausen-Amsler-Fricke line. Another way for a descendant of any of these surnames to participate would be to order a FTDNA Family Finder test - either male or female, and either surname or non-surname descendant. NOTE: The Wellhausen - Amsler study has limited funds available from time to time to contribute toward testing costs for a Wellhausen or Amsler line not previously tested and for special lines where a confirming test is being sought. Please inquire if the contribution funds are available for a test on your Wellhausen or Amsler line. We recommend the Y-DNA test be at least 37 markers. The more markers, the better the bang for the buck and the more specific the tracing information. The 12 marker test is fine for determining the haplogroup and for showing whether the tester might be related to another tester, but not how close the relationship is. The 12m is too general to be very useful in genealogical dna tracing, and typically needs to be upgraded to at least 37 in order to provide mininal specific information. The 37-marker test provides 48% more markers than the 25m for only 28% more in cost. The new 67-marker test provides 81% more marker data than the 37-marker for only 42% more in cost. But we're always glad to have a 12-marker, and it can generally be upgraded as a Christmas or birthday present to yourself without the need for a new sample.