mtDNA haplogroup U4 project

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About us

Welcome to the U4 Project! This project was started on 14th June 2006 and has since grown to become the seventh largest mtDNA haplogroup project at FTDNA, despite the fact that U4 is only found at low frequencies throughout Europe and Asia.

This project is intended for those people who have taken an mtDNA test at Family Tree DNA or one of their partners (iGENEA, DNA Worldwide, etc) and whose results show that they belong to haplogroup U4 or one of its subclades.

For instructions on joining the project see our background page

If you have taken the full mitochondrial sequence (FMS) test you will need to allow the administrators to have access to your coding region (CR) results in order to be assigned to the correct subclade. No other members will have access to your coding region results, and they will not be displayed on the public results page.

Note that this project is run by volunteers. They are not employed by Family Tree DNA and do not receive any compensation for the work that they do on the project. While we attempt to respond promptly to enquiries sometimes real life gets in the way!