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U4 project newsletter 3 December 2013

15th January 2018
The project now has 1263 members.

4th October 2016
The project now has 1000 members.

29th May 2015
The U4 Project now has 800 members.

3rd December 2013
The U4 Project now has 635 members.

9th May 2013
Debbie Kennett is now the Group Administrator of the project. Neither William Allen nor Ron Scott have been assisting with the project for at least two years and their names have now been removed as admin and co-admin respectively.

13th February 2013

The U4 project now has 530 members.

29 August 2011
The U4 project now has 400 members.

27 November 2009
The U4 project now has 300 members.

8 October 2009
The U4 project now has 35 participants with full genome sequence (FGS) results.

29 September 2009
The U4 project now has 200 members.

4 September 2009
With the help of Ron Scott the U4 mtDNA results have been re-categorised into subclades based on FGS (full-genomic sequence) results and defining markers. As a result of the categorisation process five kits were identified that had been incorrectly classified as U4. The problem was first identified by Vincent Vizachero and a discussion can be found here on the Genealogy DNA mailing list. Bennett Greenspan of FTDNA has advised that the corrections to the haplogroup designations for the kits affected will be made in the forthcoming mtDNA database upgrade. In the meantime these five members have been removed from the project and asked to join the U3 project instead.

25 August 2009
William Allen takes over from Tom Dew as Project Administrator. Debbie Kennett and Ron Scott are the new co-administrators. The project now has 160 members. There are project members living in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Virgin Islands, USA.

14 June 2006
The mtDNA U4 project was started.