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About us

The name started as Dries, Driess, or Dreese and was anglicized to Treece, Treese etc.

Andreas, his wife Anna Maria Spengler, Cornelius, Peter, and John Adam Dries (all over the age of 14 years) immigrated from Germany to Philadelphia on the ship "Mary" arriving 29 September 1733. Also on the ship were Maria Barbara, age 13; Barbara Elisabeth, age 24 and Anna Maria Dries, age 11.  Andreas is the ancestor of most of us

Treece/Trease as a spelling is also known to be associated with the UK.  We have not at present identified lines who stem from such origins yet in this project, but they exist.  You could be the first!

Some participants match other surnames as well, completely unrelated to Treece.  These are some of the most interesting puzzles to solve, and DNA testing opens the door to such puzzle solving, with your help.