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About us

This is a research project created to trace today's population back to the Table of Nations of Genesis Chapter 10 and the diaspora of Genesis 11. People of all tongues and nations are invited to join. Wherever possible you will be grouped according to your family patriarch as listed in Genesis 10. This grouping is a work in progress based on the sources mentioned under the results tab. For specific explanations of each haplogroup assignment see the activity feed. As more data is gathered, changes will be made to the grouping if necessary. From time to time there will be discussions of historical evidence explaining the reasons why specific haplogroups are assigned to particular members of Noah's family. Check back often and encourage friends and relatives to join. Michael Talley (administrator) is the author of the book "Tower of Babel: Confirmed" in which he combines historical research with modern genetic genealogy to identify the DNA haplogroups of ancient nations.