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JET Updated on 6-20-21


The Taylor Family Genes Project -- with more than 1,550 members was started in late 2003.

From the 1553 tests as of 5-29-21 Y-DNA tests account for 71.5% of all tests, but there is also a significant number of Family Finder and mt-DNA tests


Statistic Type



% of tests

Y-DNA Tests - all levels




Y-DNA  - 37 , 67 & 111




Family Finder








Though we focus on Taylor-surname lines, we have members who may be biological Taylors but do not carry the surname, and others named Taylor whose ancestors may have had other names.

Project Admin

Project administrators are volunteers who are not employed or paid by FT DNA

In order for the project admin team to help you, we recommend that you fill out a complete profile (see Next tab: Goals and What you as a member need to do.)  

As project administrators we provide the following assistance to members of the TAYLOR surname project on Y-DNA matches:


  1.       These results show up under TAYLOR surname,.

  2.       We answer questions about the meaning of match results.

We             We should note that some matches on your individual may not be included in the for a number of reasons:

  •          Your match may not have joined the TAYLOR surname project

    • Some individuals join the project but opt out of sharing or their results being displayed

  •          There may be a time lag between getting your result and our classification process

  •          Some of your matches may be too distant in our judgement to include.


 We do not provide any analysis or information concerning Family Finder matches or   mt-DNA matches, but encourage you to communicate with your matches as part of your own research.