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Welcome to the Taylor Surname project of www.familytreedna.com . JET Updated on 5-29-21 The Taylor Surname project is managed by volunteer administrators to help individuals who may have a Taylor ancestor and who have taken one of three tests (Y DNA, Family Finder , or Mitochondrial DNA) offered by familytreedna.com Our goal is to help you understand the information offered by familytreedna.com , and to answer your questions about what a test result means . On the left side of this page you will see several tabs ( numbered below ) that you can click on: 1. About US has several horizontal tabs ( From right to left below the banner) a. Overview - the Welcome page b. Background - History & what project administrators do c. Goals - What you as a member need to do. d. News - Taylor Project news e. Results - Guidance on meaning of test results f. Project statistics g. Bulletin - Members only - updates from group admins 2. DNA Results: These cover all that have joined TAYLOR surname so may not include some that you match with if they have not selected the TAYLOR surname • Taylor Family Genes - Y-DNA Classic Chart • Taylor Family Genes - Y-DNA Colorized Chart - • Y-DNA Member Distribution Map • Y-DNA SNP - • mtDNA Test Results for Members – • mtDNA Member Distribution Map 3. Surnames – Nine Variations of Taylor surname 4. Activity Feed & Photos– Where members can post queries or useful information 5. Links - useful links for genealogical research 6. FAQ - A few questions and answers 7. Administrators – Ralph Taylor & Josh Taylor ; Click to see our email addresses 8. General Fund Total $ - and a Donate Button. We use this money to promote test upgrades and new test discounts where we have under representative participation – (e.g. United Kingdom residents)