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Taylor Family Genes DNA Surname Project uses the exciting new power of genetic genealogy to find your Taylor paternal lineage. We especially seek male Taylors for yDNA STR)testing. To join, please order one of the DNA tests listed below. We recommend the 37 or greater marker tests for tracing your paternal lineage. TFG is the largest and best Taylor surname DNA project; it has more than 600 members and growing. It provides services beyond those of other Taylor projects: DNA testing and matching can be more productive than, and help focus, documentary research. It is now a useful & powerful genealogists' tool and can provide a means of connecting Taylors world-wide. Powerful versions of DNA testing are now available to genealogists of all levels of experience. With DNA testing, you - like more than half our members - may be able to overcome blocks & brick walls and create crossroads with traditional paper trail genealogical records to connect with others of similar DNA results. If your paternal surname is Taylor, your chances of connecting jump to three out of four. We invite you to view our public website at www.familytreedna.com/public/taylorfamilygenes for more information and test results. And, visit our other site at www.TaylorFamilyGenes.info. /. Acceptance & Agreement Membership in the Taylor Family Genes project is wholly voluntary. By joining the project, you agree that the project's administrative team may access your FTDNA information and you agree to our privacy policy at www.TaylorFamilyGenes/info]privacy.shtml . We encourage you to read it before joining. Terms of the agreement to join are 1. We agree to provide you with project services free of charge and to the best of our ability. The services include, but are not limited to, applying our genetic and genealogical expertise to your DNA results and matches in order to help you understand their genealogical meaning(s), placing you in the Taylor patriline to which you belong, advising as to the genealogy of your patriline and facilitating communication between you and your cousins that we identify, 2. You agree to participate in the project and abide by its policies. You agree to give the project administration team access to view (but not change) your FTDNA account information, results and matches. For a full statement of our privacy policy, please see www.TaylorFamilyGenes/info/privacy.shtml. On joining, please enter your "Most Distant Ancestor" information (names, date & place of birth, date and place of birth) on your My FTDNA page and we encourage you to submit your Taylor lineage for publication on the project website. We also request that you provide a current e-mail address. For more information contact the project administrator: Ralph Taylor <rt-sails at comcast.net>. or visit www.TaylorFamilyGenes.ino. Become a pioneer of the genealogical future, secure and share your DNA for history. Sincerely, the co-administrators: Josh Taylor, Lalia Wilson, Leigh Taylor, Ralph Taylor.