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About US – Overview -- JET Updated on 1-16-24 Welcome to the Taylor Surname project of www.familytreedna.com. Volunteer administrators manage the Taylor Surname project to help individuals who may have a Taylor ancestor and who have taken one of three tests (Y DNA, Family Finder, or Mitochondrial DNA) offered by familytreedna.com This project is focused on "Taylor (and its variations)" as a surname study, and, as such, while all are welcome to join, we only provide review and grouping for Y-DNA results. On the left side of this page, you will see several tabs (numbered below) that you can click on: 1. About Us has several horizontal tabs (from right to left below the banner) A. Overview - the Welcome page B. Background - History & what project administrators do C. Goals - What you as a member need to do. D. News - Taylor Project news E. Results - Guidance on the meaning of test results F. Project Statistics G. Updates - Members only 2. DNA Results: These cover all that have joined the TAYLOR surname project so they may not include some that you match with if they have not joined the TAYLOR surname project. * Taylor Family Genes - Y-DNA Classic Chart * Taylor Family Genes - Y-DNA Colorized Chart - * Y-DNA Member Distribution Map * Y-DNA SNP - * Time Tree view of members' and subgroups' Big Y results 3. Surnames - Nine Variations of Taylor surname 4. Activity Feed & Photos - Where members can post queries or other useful information 5. Links - Useful links for genealogical research 6. FAQ - A few questions and answers 7. Administrators - Josh Taylor; Click to see email addresses 8. General Fund Total $ - and a Donate Button. We use this money to promote test upgrades and new test discounts where we have under-representative participation – (e.g. United Kingdom residents) WHAT TO EXPECT Once you join the project, you will receive an automated email from the administration team. This email will encourage/remind you to add in your earliest known Paternal (surname) ancestor information and your known tree. We provide some basic instructions for doing this. Additionally, we will ask you to email the administrators with a reply to three questions. This helps the team understand why you’ve joined the project and what your research goal is. We will likely reply and thank you for answering our questions but may also make mention of anything you say that may not align with the project’s goals to help you focus your research better. Periodically, we will look to see if there are any “close” matches among group members and group them together when this occurs. We ENCOURAGE you to check back from time to time to see if any new groupings have occurred and/or if any new matches have been tested.