Stiles Autosomal

Stiles Family of America DNA Project - Stiles Autosomal
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About us

  •      Help people who have a Stiles line they want like to pursue utilizing autosomal testing and tracing.

  •      Help people’s family research through discovery of related trees and resolution of brick walls.

  •      Find mistaken connections in family trees and bridge gaps in the paper records.

  •      Validate family history research paper trails based on research or documents.

  •      Connect group members to others in their Stiles branch.

  •      Discover information to define the major branches of the tree going back to the originof the surname.

  •      Discover information about the origin and evolution of the Stiles surname.

  •      Expand the SFA’s knowledge and research about the Stiles Family and identify potential participants that should be invited to join in the Y-DNA Stiles Surname Project.

  •      Preserve DNA results for future research