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Relevant Family SNPs

The following SNPs formed between about 600 AD and 1719 AD (i.e. the birth of Jonathan Stamper, Sr. of Middlesex Co., VA, of whom we have three Big Ys for descendants of his sons: James, Joel and Jacob).

BY50723 (chrY:8,334,099 A;T) - formed circa 600 AD. [Block of 20 Equivalent SNPs between BY11506 & BY50723]. 

(chrY:8,452,271 T;G) - formed circa 800 AD. Stamper and Beck lines diverge after this point. 

FT123037 (chrY:10,101,081 C;A) - not useful for phylogeny, i.e. located in synthetic assembled centromeric region, CEN.

FT9871 (chrY:14,867,516 C;G)

FT6955 (chrY:3,401,363 T;C)

BY152352 (chrY:3,042,810 T;C)

BY154103 (chrY:14,262,863 C;A)

BY153812 (chrY:13,044,412 A;G)

BY155554 (chrY:21,085,095 C;T)

BY155141 (chrY:19,664,658 C;A)

BY154503 (chrY:15,794,619 C;T) - no longer included in Big Y-700, but available for individual SNP testing at YSEQ.


5,137,985 (C;G) - shared private variant (awaiting review). 

7,694,079 (A;C) - shared private variant (awaiting review).

Group 1 Results:

Y-DNA testing of various Stampers in Group 1 has determined that we are all descended from R-M269, which is the predominant paternal lineage of Western Europe. Based on the Big Y results of Kit #183006 (May 2018), we have further refined this to R-U106, which is a subclade of R-M269. The R-U106 haplogroup is usually associated with the ancient Germanic peoples, although this is contested in some circles. The specific line of descent is: R-M269 > R-U106 > R-Z2265 > R-BY30097 > R-BY11501 > R-BY11506 > R-BY50723 > R-BY152352. 

All Stampers in Group 1 are encouraged to join the R-U106 Haplogroup Project at FTDNA, regardless of their current level of testing. Follow this link to join:

Group 2 Results:

Stamper family of Lancashire. Probably P312. More to follow. 

Group 3 Results:

Stamper family of North Riding of Yorkshire. More to follow. 

Group 4 Results:

STR testing of this group of Stampers has indicated that they are not related to Group 1, or at least not within genealogical times. Members of Group 2 can trace their direct paternal ancestry back to John Reeves "Pewter John" Stamper (1799-1882) of Olive Hill, Carter County, Kentucky. He was married to Sarah Stamper (1799-1874) who is said to have been his cousin. "Pewter John" is known to have went by a number of aliases, such as James Stamper, James Reser, and James Stillwell; he also claimed to have been fathered by a Native American. No record of his parentage has ever been found. Based on the Y-DNA results of its members, there seems to be sufficient evidence to suggest that "John Reeves Stamper" was fathered by a Reeves and subsequently adopted the Stamper surname for reasons unknown. This group is descended from R-M269. This topic has been previously discussed here: additional information, please consult the Reeves DNA Project: