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Sephardic World Migrations

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About us

This Project went online on 4/17/17

There is evidence of Jewish migrants in Iberia as far back as 300 AD.  These migrants built one of the oldest synagogues in europe in Barcelona. Migrants to new lands (founders) tend to leave more of their genetics in an expanding population. With these same migrants continually marrying among themselves for religious reasons. Their DNA has survived and has been discovered in some populations around the world, in people who were not fully aware of their ancestry.  

In 2009 shortly after 23andme introduced it's autosomal (tests all family lines) product several of us with Mexican ancestry noticed cousins with Y and Mtdna that is typically found in Jewish populations. I began to document segments of DNA that we shared with people who self identified as Ashkenazi.  I published a paper on these findings here: https://garyfelix.tripod.com/~GaryFelix/index64.htm

Using matching overlapping segments among project members, we can identify Sephardic migrations all over the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and founder populations in Latin America.

Gary Felix
Sephardic World Migrations Project Admin.