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About us

Welcome to the Sephardic World Migration Autosomal (Family Finder) Project. This project will use overlapping segments of DNA that are 5 cM's in length, or longer, to show the migration pattern of individual Sephardic lines around the world. These overlapping segments show a common ancestor, or Sephardic group, that those with these matching segments come from. Smaller segments to 2 cM's will be used to tie project members to specific populations of Sephardic people In order to show these connections, the Administrator will show project members who are of Jewish origin on the RESULTS page, to compare their results with. Please fill out the genealogical portion of your FTDNA pages and allow viewing by the administrator. In order to join this project, a participant must meet at least one of the following project requirements. 1) Full Jewish heritage with DNA matches to Latin America and/or Iberia, without any known Ashkenazi relatives in Latin America, or Iberia, prior to taking an autosomal (ie family finder etc) test. 2) Full Latin American and/or Iberian ancestry with full Jewish DNA cousins that are without any knowledge of Ashkenazi ancestry prior to Family Finder testing. Please verify this prior to joining and invite these cousins to join in order to help generate results. 3) Anyone matching someone with full Sephardic ancestry. Please verify this prior to joining and invite these cousins to join the project in order to generate results.