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Scottish Y-DNA Project

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About us

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• Provide a database of Scottish yDNA test results useful for personal and academic research
• Encourage participants to join a surname, clan or family and relevant haplogroup project
• Enable participants to identify their ancestral origins and make connections with their genetic kin
• Explore interrelationships between clans and families
• To provide education and information on genetic genealogy and Scottish family history research

The Scottish Y-DNA Project is primarily for individuals looking for help in identifying the Scottish origins on their
own direct paternal line of descent and who support the goals of the Scottish DNA Project.

We advise all participants to join an appropriate surname, clan, family or haplogroup project as the best way to find genetic matches. The Scottish DNA Project aims to support and promote the best possible participation of these projects.

We strongly encourage all participants to add details of their most distant known paternal and maternal ancestors to their Family Tree DNA
User Preferences page.
- This can be found by first logging into your Family Tree DNA homepage
- On the left hand side bar under
My Account will be found User Preferences
- Once this has been opened about half way down will be found
Displaying the Most Distant Known Ancestor
- Information to include consists of the following: name of the individual, date, event type and importantly the geographical location.

Here is a typical example of how the details can be entered: Archibald Campbell, b.1787, Kilfinan, Argyll

My Maps - To plot the location of your "Most Distant Known Ancestor"
a) Go to http://www.findlatitudeandlongitude.com/
b) Navigate to the geographical location (controls at top left side of map)
c) Right click on the location - a blue cirle with a diagonal cross will appear
d) Below the map at the left side is a box with coordinates of your chosen location
e) Record the bottom two figures
i.e. Latitude 55.873 Longitude -5.941

Now go to your personal Family Tree DNA homepage
a) Navigate to "My Maps"
b) Click on "Plot ancestral location"
c) Below the map will be found "Edit"
d) Click "Latitude & Longitude" the middle choice
e) Type in the recorded figures
f) Save

If a project does not exist for your surname, please contact the administrators for advice.

Scot-DNA Mailing List is administered by Lauren Boyd – to join email SCOT-DNA-L-request@rootsweb.com with "Subscribe" (no quotes) in the message body.

Genealogy education - http://www.strath.ac.uk/genealogy/ Professional postgraduate qualifications up to Masters at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.