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The project welcomes individuals who have an unbroken Scottish lineage on their direct paternal (yDNA) line of descent.

For example - father > grandfather > great-grandfather > great-great-grandfather.

The project was originally established in October 2001 as the Scottish Clans DNA Project. The project merged with the Scotland DNA Project in 2012. The project split Y-DNA and mtDNA results into separate projects in Spring 2016.  The Scottish mtDNA Project can be found at


Surname testing
For surname research we recommend the 37 Y-DNA marker test as a good entry level product and the minimum useful for genealogical matching.  The test can be upgraded to 67 markers at any time.  This test can only be taken by males.

The Scottish DNA Project has no connection with the defunct company called Scotlandsdna / Britainsdna.

Project website: (under construction)

Project Blog: For project news or information visit our blog at:

The Project can be found on Google+ and has a Google group here Scottish DNA Project

How to join: If you have never had your DNA tested there is a small discount available by joining through this project.

Click on the following link to begin the process for your own Family Tree DNA test

Alternatively if you have not tested before and live in the British Isles, test kits can now be purchased and mailed direct from United Kingdom in £Sterling.
Check out or email for details.

Third Party upload deal from Family Tree DNA
If you tested with another company for STR markers you may now transfer your Y-DNA results if they used the Sorenson 33 or 46-marker test. This includes results from, GeneTree, and Sorenson's SMGF.

(If you have deep ancestry results from Scotlandsdna and would like to contribute them to the Scottish DNA Project for research purposes, then please email them to Your results cannot unfortunately be integrated with our public database). However you can retest for a discounted fee - see below.

Third Party upload deal from Family Tree DNA is available here: