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Please tell us in your join request, what level of yDNA testing you have done with FTDNA. If you have not done any yDNA testing, then do not bother attempting to join until you have ordered a yDNA test. The project welcomes males who have done yDNA testing and have an unbroken Scottish lineage on their direct paternal (yDNA) line of descent. For example - father > grandfather > great-grandfather > great-great-grandfather. The project was split into Y-DNA and mtDNA projects in Spring 2016. If you are interested in using DNA for genealogical purposes and would like to find out about your deeper ancestral origins then first order a Y-DNA kit Project goals • Provide a database of Scottish yDNA test results useful for personal and academic research • Encourage participants to join a surname, clan or family and relevant haplogroup project • Enable participants to identify their ancestral origins and make connections with their genetic kin • Explore interrelationships between clans and families • To provide education and information on genetic genealogy and Scottish family history research Visit our blog for news or information about the project:

We advise all participants to join an appropriate surname, clan, family or haplogroup project as the best way to find genetic matches. The Scottish Y-DNA Project aims to support and promote the best possible participation of these projects.