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Descendants of Thomas Sayre (1597-1670)
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About us

Two brothers and members of this group, Richard and Fred Pafford, believe they descend from Thomas SAYRE (1597-1670). They, according to FTDNA, have a most rare six-marker set for DYS464, while most males carry four. In a recent e-mail from member Fred Pafford, he explains this phenomenon and asks for other SAYRE project members to consider testing for two SNPs in their DYS464. Here is Fred's message to me:

Both my brother and myself test exactly the same on DYS464, 15,15,15,15,16,17.  FTDNA reported 15,15,16,17 the first time my brother was tested and after he had the extended test done they reported the extra two markers.  The first time I tested with Ancestor they reported my DYS464 as 15, 15, 15, 16, 17.  When I questioned FTDNA about the difference between my Brother's and mine they cast doubt on the Ancestor test but said that if I would pay for a retesting of mine ($18) they would pay for a retesting of my brother's.  The results of the retesting proved that the two were exactly the same (no surprise) but they added another marker - we both have six peaks now.  This leads me to believe that the same six markers will also show up in others in the Sayre line. 
Since DYS464 has a fast mutation rate any other Sayres showing the same results for DYS464 are most like the results of the same progenitor.  My Pafford DNA connection to the Sayre line could be accidental but if DYS464 is the same we are definitely a part of that family.  Also it is to be noted that FTDNA tells us that 99+% of people tested have only 4 markers, that 5 is uncommon, 6 is rear, 7 rarer still.  Any of us that test the same with 6 marker on DYS464 are in a select company. 
Unfortunately the cousins that I thought was going to have his DNS tested appears to have backed out at least for the time being. If we could get just one Sayre to have the DYS464X test done it would be very helpful.