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Descendants of Thomas Sayre (1597-1670)
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About us

In 2007 AncestryDNA offered Y-DNA testing. I purchased a kit and submitted my saliva sample. My results were interesting: I had an exact match (46/46, MRCA = 1) to a male whose last name is Sayre. I did not recognize that surname in my family, however, I also didn't know the identity of my paternal great-grandfather. So, turned to FamilyTreeDNA and started this group project. Working with other Sayre researchers, and recruiting several to join my project, I was able to confirm two critical facts: One, I do not descend from any Sayre, and secondly, the DNA sample submitted by the person who is considered my exact match does not descend from the Sayre ancestor that project members claim as their patriarch, Thomas SAYRE (1597-1670), founder of Southampton, Suffolk County, New York. I collected a large amount of data on the family and descendants of Thomas Sayre. This group project serves to help male SAYRE descendants in their research.

If you are interested in co-administering this group project with me, please contact me.

Gregory L. Morley, M.A.
Group Administrator