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About us

2013-06-16:  Idea to create FTDNA Project to look into 9919 cluster specifically, and RecLOH events in general.
2013-06-17:  Online inquiry to see if such a project already existed.
2013-06-18:  FTDNA application for new project submitted.
2013-06-26:  FTDNA created the project and sent login.
2013-06-27:  Slowly putting project together and seeking members.
2013-06-30:  Kit 2224 is first member to join.
2013-06-30:  Three more members.
2013-07-02:  Put finishing touches on signatures summary and entered more details in Background, Goals, and Results tabs.
2013-07-03:  Informed members of R1b-L21 Yahoo Group that project is now up and running.
2013-07-06:  Updated signature and surname details for the 41-9919, z9919-B, SP, A9, A8, A7, A6, and A5 clusters.
2013-07-07:  Updated signature and surname details for the A4, A3, and A2 clusters.
2013-07-08:  Updated signature and surname details for the A1 cluster.
2013-07-09:  Trying to make sense of the "A" cluster.  Seems to consist of multiple signatures.
2013-07-16:  Trying to place the kits from several difficult surnames with members in multiple signatures, such as Smith and Massey.
2013-07-18:  Researching 68 to 111 range off-modals in each signature working backwards from A-SP.  Not finished with this task.
2013-07-19:  Rewrote the Background page so that it is much easier to understand recLOHs.
2013-07-20:  Fixed some mistakes and took out some incorrect information on the Background page.
2014-06-01:  Updated the Background page regarding newly discovered SNP's within the z9919 Family under DF13
2014-10-05:  Updated the background page finally after several attempts due to GAP issues over past several months