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About us

Goals of this project:

(1) To research the haplotypes, SNPs, and geographical and historical origins of the different subgroups of the DF13* 9919 superfamily.  These men have several persistent signatures that include 459=9-9, YCAII=19-19, and for many of them, the very slow mutating marker value 640=12, as Mike W. described here:

There is a good chance that SNPs under DF13 will ultimately be found for these men, unifying them in some way - or possibly separating some of them from others.  Because they have strong, persistent signatures with the "stubborn" 640=12 shared between many of them, their doubled 9s and doubled 19s are probably clues to a common origin, rather than just something that happened by luck to men in entirely different haplogroups.  

The largest haplogroups under DF13 (parallel to each other and downstream from DF13):


Some small haplogroups under DF13:


For reference, here is a summary of where you can research the STR patterns of the nine largest haplogroups downstream from DF13, plus the four small ones:

DF49 and Subclades Project
For M222+ aka Irish Type I aka Northwest Irish haplotype, DF49 > DF23 > Z2961 > M222+, and also check out

CTS4466, Irish Type II haplotype
Eo´ganacht Septs Project,
South Irish Project,

Z253, including Irish Type III and Irish Type IV haplotypes
Z253 Project (for III and IV),
L226 Project (for III),
Irish Type III,
Irish Type IV,

Z255, including Leinster aka Beatty-Byrnes aka Irish Sea haplotype
Z255 and Subclades Project,
DYS464X ccgg Project,

L513 and Subclades Project

L1335, including 1335-Sc, W, and W2 haplotypes
L1335 Project,

DF21 and Subclades Project
Clan Colla 425 null Project,, also
Ely Carroll Project,
Little Scottish Cluster,, also

DF41 and Subclades Project
For L744+ "Royal Stewart" haplotype,
Stewart Stuart DNA Project,
Descendants of High Stewards of Scotland,

Z251+, see R1b-L21_Haplotypes spreadsheet.  As far as I know, Z251 doesn't have its own project yet.
There are several signatures:  251-11, 251-1124-9, 251-11EE, 251-555-lrw, and 255-711.
L555 and L583 are subclades of Z251.

L144, with at least two separate mutations and possibly a back-mutation in the Kendall family
Braswell DNA Project,
Whalen-O'Faolain Surname yDNA Project,
Kendall DNA Project,
L144.1 vs. L144.2 vs L144.3

L679, see Turner DNA Project, group 01,

L371, two Wales-related projects
Wales Cymru DNA Project,


Coming soon, CTS2457, awaiting placement on ISOGG.  Probably a smaller haplogroup similar to the last four.

There are also several private SNPs (L564, L580, and so on) under DF13, not known to be sons of any of the major or minor SNPs.


Someday, something like the following will be included in the haplogroup project list above, and we'll be able to replace "???" with a defining SNP:

SNP ???, 9919 and RecLOH Project, <----- (YOU ARE HERE)