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About us

Surname project for Ralstons. All variations of spelling. For many years there had been a misconception that all “Ralstons” were related and originated in Scotland. Our group has shown that there are several different unrelated groups of “Ralstons” worldwide, mostly with origins in Scotland, England, and Ireland. For USA Ralstons, the names may have come from Scotland, Ireland, or England. For many North American, Australian and New Zealand Roulstons, etc., their ancestors may have spent some generations in the northern counties of Ireland before emigrating. We are unsure at this point of the origin of this group outside of Ireland. Though we still have much to learn, each new Ralston male who joins us and submits a 37-marker (minimal), 111-marker (better), or Big Y-700 (best) test will add exponentially to the value of the project to all its members.