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About us

The primary focus of the Ralston Surname Project is to help those who have completed a yDNA test at FTDNA and believe they have a patrilineal (father’s father) descent from a Ralston (or variants such as Raulston, Rolston, Roulston, etc.) family.

Because there are relatively few Ralstons in the world, as compared to other surnames that arose in the UK, it may eventually be possible to trace them all, with the help of yDNA, and as more historical records are digitized and made available online.

The purposes of the project are:

1.      --To assist members interpret the yDNA results, and to advise when additional testing might yield additional results

2.      --To identify subgroups that might assist in genealogical research.

3.      --To allow members to contact others who may match.

4.      --To help clarify some of the ancient origins of the Ralstons


        CAUTIONARY COMMENTS:  What yDNA testing will and will not do for you.

DNA testing of any kind can or will:  

------Allow you to test a hypothesis.

------Confirm a patrilineal origin

------Provide possibilities of recent non-paternity events

------Open up a can of worms.

      What DNA testing cannot do:

-------Solve a brick wall ancestor without any genealogical research

-------Eliminate the need for traditional family tree documentation and research

------Be proof positive of a suspected distant kinship


Be Be aware that a single DNA test, of any kind, is unlikely to answer all your questions.  New information engenders new questions.  New questions sometime require that you or others may need to take additional DNA tests.

ParPart of our role here at the Ralston Surname Project is to help guide you toward the most fruitful “next step” in your search. Sometimes, even frequently, the next step is additional DNA testing for you or possible relatives.

Project Considerations and Operations

The project administrators are volunteers and do not represent the vendors nor receive special benefits.

This is a 
public project. The more of us who test and share our information, the more we will all know. When you join you're making surname, ancestor and DNA related results public, from which they can never be fully retracted. Please remove yourself if you don't want to share publicly. We do not publish your full given name or contact info. Research information is shared across the R1b All Subclades project and major R1b Subclades projects.

This is a 
Y DNA haplogroup project. Actively participating involves Y SNP testing. SNP testing at FTDNA is required to be assigned to a subgrouping.

This project is operated as a 
system of record project. It is intended to operate for posterity purposes. Our descendants and family members and distant cousins can continue on when we are not able to or have new focuses in life. New generations can build upon our work. Subgroupings are done by SNP validated testing with a chain of evidence to the test results. Surnames and STR based predictions are not used to assigned subgroupings. Please validate findings with FTDNA testing so the project reports and analysis will reflect that. Outside research is fine, but please test at least your most youthful (terminal) haplogroup SNP at FTDNA.

Thank you for your consideration