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I-M223 haplogroup observations:
   synonymous with M223


These related families have a remarkable diversity in the spelling of the surname.  Even though we have evidence that they descended from a single family.  Spelling variations may have been due to differences in pronunciation in different countries or counties.  But may have simply been due to the nature of literacy at the time, and the fluid way in which many English words were spelled as they sounded to the listener.   Surnames were handed down  orally long before they were written down.
These M223 surnames include:
Rollston and Rolleston


R-M269 Haplgogroup
       Synonymous with M269

There is one current subclade for this haplogroup, determined by more advanced testing, such as "Big-Y" testing offered by the FTDNA company.

These should still be considered M269, Subclade RL165,  but can also be distinguishe by having subclade R-BY15421, or the shorter version BY15421.

These Ralstons seem to share a common spelling of "Ralston" and share a background in Paisley, Ayrshire (just south of Paisley), and a branch that colonized the Mull of Kintyre in the 1600-1700's. 

The current assumption is that these Ralstons arise from the "Ralstons of that Ilk" that, according to legen, arose east of Paisley.   The original Paisley lands were swapped for an estate in Ayrshire, near Beith.

The story of those Ralston's is related in this History of Ayrshire book, written about 170 years ago:    [start at about page 265]   https://archive.org/details/historyofcountyo01pateuoft/page/264


Some of these M223 Ralstons (various spellings),  fall into known family groups in the US and Northern Ireland, including County Donegal. 

Likewise, many of  the M269 families fall into known family groups in the US, Scotland, and New Zealand.  It seems likely that there subsets of this haplogroup spread across the English-speaking world, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

To respect privacy concerns, we cannot openly publish these known families.  But if you join the project, we will make efforts to see that you are aware of your family group.