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About us

Welcome to the R2-M124-WTY DNA Project
Any individual with Haplogroup R2 (Y-DNA) is welcome to join the project. The goal of the R2-M124-WTY project is to grow the R2 Haplogroup Tree by discovering new SNPs under Haplogroup R2.

Haplogroup R2 Draft Tree (Updated: 15-10-2015)

New SNP discoveries help in subdividing Haplogroups (such as R2) into further branches.
This can be best achieved by ordering one of the following tests
(or both if affordable)::
The Big Y DNA Test from It costs $575.
The Y Elite 2.0 Sequencing Test from It costs $775.
For more information about the Big Y DNA Test, go to
For the specifications of the Y Elite 2.0 Sequencing Test, go to:
Kindly follow the below steps to benefit from the BIG-Y and Y Elite 2.0 Sequencing Tests:

Step 1: Once the result for any of the above tests comes out, request your BAM file from the corresponding company.
If your test company is FTDNA (the Big-Y test), your raw data (*.bam file) must be requested from FTDNA by using the "Download Raw Data" button on the BigY-Results page. This page can be found by logging in to your FTDNA account.The Download Raw Data button will lead you to a Download BAM button which in turn leads you to a page where you will be instructed how to request activation of your BAM file. After three or four business days, activation will be ready. At that time, when you use the Download BAM button, you will have two choices presented to you: "Download BAM (xxx.x MB)" and "Share BAM". The latter will provide you with a link (such as "https:// xxx-website-xxx").
If your test company is Full Genomes Corporation (Y Elite 2.0 Sequencing Test), you must first log in, and then you will see the following words under "Results": "Download: BAM file Interpretation Results". Click on "BAM file" to start your download. The link of the BAM file is needed for Step 2.
Step 2: Order the NextGen Sequence interpretation from It only costs $49. They will ask you for the link of the BAM file. Once your report is generated, you will have access to your account and you will be listed in their nice tree:
Step 3: E-Mail me your kit # from each company for example (,, I will try my best to publish your new SNPs to (Once they meet the requirements). Note: If you ordered Y Elite 2.0 Sequencing Test, you may send me the files of your results.

By joining this project, you agree to give the admin the authority to the following:
1- Add your kit to the R2 Y-Chromosome Haplogroup DNA Project: 2- Order additional tests or upgrades to your kit (Free of charge).

Donations now may actually mean something at this time, so please, consider how this may be a viable step for our genetic research as never before.
For more information, please join "Digging into Haplogroup R2" forum: or e-mail me at: