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R1b-DF27 Subclades Project: DF27+ ZZ12+ Z195+ Z198+ Z209+
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July 29 2013 - The R1b-DF27-Project Yahoo Group now has over 150 members. Please join if you haven't at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/R1b-DF27-Project/ . It is the primary form of project news, updates, analysis plus Q & A. No question is dumb. You can join with a nickname that identity and there are membership options to receive individual emails (which is recommended) or to receive daily digests only or do web viewing only.

July 24 2013 - We are now up to 518 members and the R1b-DF27-Project Yahoo Group is fully operational. Please join if you haven't.

July 19 2013 - We have 483 members!

July 18 2013 - R1b-DF27-Project Yahoo Group was initiated. It is intended for project updates, news and member Q&A/help. This is the best way to talk to your project administrators and experts.

July 5 2013 - Project started