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R1b-DF27 and Subclades Master Project inc. DF27,DF17,ZZ12,Z195,Z198,SRY2627,Z209
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About us


The R1b-DF27 Subclades project and the R1b All Subclades projects encourage deeper DNA testing to support analysis and understanding of the origins and migrations of our male lineages, while helping individuals find family paternal lineages and ancestral origins. The project promotes and supports full genetic genealogy. Full genetic genealogy for Y DNA includes the development of the Y phylogenetic tree starting from currently known family genealogies and breaking through genealogical brick walls to determine the timing and locations of the relationship of families, super-families and clans. This goes all the way back in time to the Genetic Adam. The FTDNA Haplotree is very important aspect of this so we encourage SNP testing to document refined haplogroup positions on the Haplotree.

To maximize R1b-DF27 and general R1b research and analysis goals, data is shared between the R1b-DF27 Subclades project and R1b and All Subclades project.

The R1b-DF27 project is intended for hobby applications of genetic genealogy and should not be considered a platform for forensic, legal or academic research. FTDNA policies apply.

Please read the project ABOUT/BACKGROUND for details and instructions on joining.