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R1b-DF27 Subclades Project: DF27+ ZZ12+ Z195+ Z198+ Z209+
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DF27+and subclade tested people should join this project. This includes Z195+, Z196+, Z274+, Z209+, DF17+,Z198+, L165+, ZS312+, SRY2627+, CTS4188+, DF81+, DF83+, Z209+, Z225+, ZZ12+, ZZ19+, etc. Please make sure that you have done Y STR testing at the very least when joining this project. We expect that joining here is because you have matched with other males who have tested positive for DF27 or one of its downstream subclades, or tested positive for it yourself. Y37 results and higher are required to make this judgement. Y12 and Y25 results are generally not enough to evaluate a match, except for in very specific situations. As well, positive SNP tests for DF27 or downstream are encouraged to confirm your placement and advance your knowledge of where you fit. This can include individual SNP tests, SNP packs, or Big Y. If you have done Y DNA testing with other labs, please email your results (pdf file, etc) to Lucas McCaw, project administrator when you join. That ensures the accuracy of the project database and subgroupings. IMPORTANT NOTE (PLEASE READ): When joining this project, please make sure that you select the proper security levels for data access. New privacy regulations default to a lower setting that does not allow for proper support in a haplogroup project. For admins/co-admins to have any ability to analyze your data and provide proper grouping and support, you must have AT LEAST LIMITED selected for each. ADVANCED ACCESS is also appreciated, but that will depend on what you prefer or are comfortable with and is certainly not required. IF you select "MINIMAL" admins will NOT be able to go over your results and provide assistance or ability to group you in the Project. This especially applies to males who have taken BigY tests. To make sure the access level is set properly, after you consent online to joining, you will see the DF27 Project with an ORANGE EDIT button beside it. Please click on it, and in the pop-up window, select Limited or Advanced access and save. If you don't do this, you can expect an e-mail within hours requesting you go back and modify the settings. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this. As well as using the project Activity Feed to ask questions and seek guidance, you also have the option of joining the R1b-DF27 Yahoo Group for discussion, support and help: (These two forums are separate and do not cross-post to each other, nor are the managed by the same people)