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R DF27 and Subclades

R1b-DF27 Subclades Project: DF27+ ZZ12+ Z195+ Z198+ Z209+
  • 2202 members

About us

DF27+ and subclade tested people should join this project. This includes SRY2627+, Z195+, Z196+, Z198+, DF81+, DF83+, Z220+, Z225+, etc. The project is open to anyone who has tested DF27+ or one of it is downstream subclades. To ensure the accuracy of the project database those who have tested with labs other than FTDNA must forward their results (pdf file, etc) to a project administrator prior to being added to the project. The project is also looking for matches with the R1b North-South Cluster signature of DYS437=14 DYS448=18 GataH4=10. A very high percentage of those people turn out to be Z220+, which is downstream (descendant) of DF27. Please also join the R1b-DF27 Yahoo Group for discussion, support and help: http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/R1b-DF27-Project/