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R P312 and Subclades

If R-P312, R-DF19, R-DF99, R-L238 or any subclade - JOIN >>>
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August 11 2013 - A potentially major news break occurred today. Andy Grierson of the Rocca citizen-scientist team has announced that an SNP they've labeld DF99 has been discovered. It appears in P312* people and has been found in samples from Tuscany, Peru and Great Britain so it is widespread and could be quite old.

July 18 2013 - A major restructuring of the project subgroupings has commenced. P312*, DF19 and L238 subgroupings are being moved towards the top.

July 15 2013 - A broadcast email was sent out to announce the focus on P312*, DF19 and L238 while supporting joining of U152+,  L21+, DF27+ sub-projects as is appropriate. The new project administrators were also announced.

July 2 2013 - Project screen updates are being made. including the notice to join people to valid sub-projects of R1b-P312 haplogroups, such as U152, L21 and DF27. Project members will remain in the project, the only difference is they will be added to the appropriate sub-haplogroup project(s).

June 30 2013 - There are now over 1600 members in the project, the vast majority with 67 Y STR markers or more.

June 2013 - We are saddened to learn that our determined and tireless project administrator, Henry Zenker, is no longer physically able to continue in his volunteer duties.

May 3 2012 - Huge news! R1b is found in ancient Bell Beaker remains near Kromsdorf, Germany. One of the bodies tested M269+ and U106- (not sure why they didn't test for P312 but P312 is a likely candidate.)

April 2010 - 800 members!

May 26 2008 - 100th member!

May 2008 -  R1b-P312-Project Yahoo Group formed intended for project updates, news and member Q&A/help. This is the best way to talk to your project administrators and experts.

May 3 2008 - 50th member

April 20 2008 - Project start