R P312 and Subclades

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P312+/S116+ and downstream subclade tested people should join this project. WAMH (Western Atlantic) people are also probable P312+. The research and focus of this project is on the P312* paragroup, the subclades of DF99, DF19, L238 and any new subclades that are discovered. It is recommended that U152+ people also join the R1b-U152 project, L21+ people the R1b-L21 (L21plus) project and DF27+ people the R1b-DF27 project. The project is open to anyone who has tested P312+ (also known as rs34276300+ and S116+). To ensure the accuracy of the project database those who have tested with labs other than FTDNA must forward their results (pdf file, etc) to a project administrator prior to being added to the project. Please also join the R1b.YDNA Facebook group for discussion, support and help: