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About us


We want to build our understanding of our R1b-L513 paternal lineages from the modern times back to the ancient.

We should share our understanding as transparently as possible so that potential participants can retrace our learnings and that next generations can build upon our knowledge base more rapidly.

The origins, migrations and expansions of R1b-L513 lineages are relevant over multiple time horizons:
I. Ancient Prehistoric and Classical era cultures and tribes
II. Medieval Age clans and families
III. Modern Age family history and genealogy

The Y chromosome supports an exceptional opportunity for investigation. It can be tested for in ancient archaeological digs but at the same time is associated with surname inheritance and legal and property records. Y DNA provides a permanent bread crumb trail into our past with mutations occurring nearly every other generation going back in time. This lineage tracking extends well beyond the reliable use autosomal DNA and breaks through genealogical record brick walls.

A primary tool for the project is the Y phylogenetic tree. We need people to test to their most youthful SNPs and share test results and origins. As long as there is sharing we can use phylogenetic comparison methods to mark branches and build out our section of the Giant Tree of Mankind's Paternal Lineages. With the surnames, histories and origin information we can attempt to understand who we are, where we come from and why from the modern to the ancient. Below is a hypothetical drawing of this Giant Tree. It's real but needs to be unveiled to the extent we can.

R1b-L513 Descendant Tree

To maximize R1b-L513 and general R1b research and analysis goals, data is shared between the R1b-L513 Subclades project and R1b and All Subclades project.

The R1b-L513 project is intended for hobby applications of genetic genealogy and should not be considered a platform for forensic, legal or academic research. FTDNA policies apply.

Please read the project ABOUT/BACKGROUND for details and instructions on joining.