The Irish Type III cluster
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About us

In November 2009, the FTDNA Walk The Y project discovered a new SNP, L226, that has since been found in all members of the Irish Type III haplogroup that have tested to date. A comprehensive website exists that has interesting information on this interesting Dalcassian haplogroup.

See:- Irish Type III website

This haplogroup originated in the counties of Clare, Tipperary and Limerick several hundred years before the time of King Brian Boru who lived, 941 - 1014. Several distinctive markers indicate the probability of a person being part of this haplogroup, but the presence of SNP L226 is final confirmation.

Who Can Join?
This project is open to those who have tested L226, returned a Positive result for any SNP under L226 on the FTDNA Haplotree, or show the STR markers shown on the 'Overview' page which are indicative of being Irish Type III, and is a clear indication of being L226+.
PLEASE include your Kit number and indicate what SNP tests you have taken or ordered.

Irish Type III
As ALL Irish Type III are testing positive for L226, those of this cluster who show the STR markers on the 'About' page may join and will be placed in the 'Presumed L226 Group'.  If you have also ORDERED L226, the R1b-L226 SNP pack or Big-Y you will be placed in the 'Pending' Group until your result is known. Click on the 'Join' Button in the Banner at the top of the page.

All other L21+ clusters
If you do not have the STR markers above, you are NOT of the Irish Type III Cluster, you are unlikely to return a positive L226 result and so you MUST have a positive L226 result before requesting to join.
For men without the STR markers shown on the 'About' page, please do not "Request to Join" this project until you have your L226+ result.

Request to Join the R-L226 Project
To Join the R-L226 Project,
Click on the 'Join' Button in the Banner at the top of the page. 
PLEASE include your Kit number and indicate what SNP tests you have taken or ordered.

Other Projects to Join
If you have tested L226- but L21+/S145+
: Please consider joining the R-L21 Plus Project rather than this one.


With the roll out of major changes by FTDNA, this section now needs to be added for project members to understand the trade offs between accessibility and privacy. Unfortunately, FTDNA has chosen to implement European Union GDPR rules for all customers worldwide and FTDNA has required all admins to sign a legally binding contract that makes admins subject to damages for any lawsuit that is brought against FTDNA. These are very harsh terms for their non-paid volunteer administrators.

There are two very clear rules that admins must enforce:

1) If you elect to leave the project after 25 May 2018, all of your information must be removed from any external web sites regardless of your 'YDNA opt in to sharing' setting. This means that your data will be removed spreadsheets, charts, Big Y analysis and Y500 summaries. Once you leave the L226 project, it will be like you have never tested.

2) If you elect to change your current YDNA opt in to sharing from enabled to disabled, all information will be removed from any analysis as well. Additionally, to reduce the liability to L226 admins for accidental inclusion of your data, you will also be removed from the L226 project as well.

However, if you are a member of the L226 project or have joined the L226 project after 25 May 2018, you are allowing the L226 project admins to publish your genetic information - regardless of your 'YDNA opt in to sharing' setting. This includes YSTR data, YSNP testing, BigY YSNP data and Y500 data. By being a member of this project or joining this project, you must accept this term when joining the R-L226 project. It is clear that FTDNA will continue to increase privacy over accessibility and it is likely in the future that FTDNA will require the removal of genetic information for those who have either defaulted to 'YDNA opt in to sharing', disabled or have selected this setting prior to 25 May 2018. Unfortunately, when this increase of privacy rolls out, we will have to immediately remove 71 of the 536 project members (as of 01 August 2018) to become compliant (we highly recommend that you enable your 'YDNA opt in to sharing' setting for this reason). Any new changes requiring removal from external sites would also require removal from the project as well (to protect from accidental publication and since we can not share our analysis by any means other than external sites (spreadsheets, charts in PDF form, presentations in PDF form, etc.)

The L226 project admin team recommends that project members change three key settings to allow maximum functionality to admins (these changes are strictly voluntary and the admin team will not update these settings):

1) Change the "Project Preferences" to "Advanced" for all L226 project admins. We also optionally recommend that you update your primary surname project to "Advanced" as well (this change allows us to process orders on your behalf and partially or fully pay for testing with project funds as well as being able to analyze even more of your information).

2) That you enable 'YDNA Opt in to Sharing' under the "Privacy and Sharing" tab (to protect you from being removed in the future).

3) That you enable 'YDNA Match' level to "All levels" under the "Privacy and Sharing" tab (to allow admins to recruit your matches into the L226 project and help you build your genetic cluster). This now includes yet another new setting that FTDNA rolled out on 8/1/2018 - the default value for new project members should also be set to "Advanced."

For those who have not updated these three settings, the L226 admin's ability to analyze your genetic data and your settings are dramatically reduced resulting a lower quality of service that we can provide. This reduced functionality is the trade off of privacy vs. accessibility.