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The Irish Type III cluster
  • 264 members

About us

In November 2009, the FTDNA Walk The Y project discovered a new SNP, L226, that has since been found in all members of the Irish Type III haplogroup that have tested to date. A comprehensive website exists that has much information on this interesting Dalcassian haplogroup.

See:- Irish Type III website

This haplogroup originated in the counties of Clare, Tipperary and Limerick around the time of King Brian Boru who lived, 941 - 1014. Several distinctive markers indicate the probability of a person being part of this haplogroup, but the presence of SNP L226 is final confirmation.

Who Can Join?
This project is open to those who have tested L226, FGC5628 or DC1 SNPs and have returned a POSITIVE result.  You MUST have at least ordered L226 SNP to join.

Irish Type III
As ALL Irish Type III are testing positive for L226, those of this cluster who have ORDERED L226 may join and be in the 'Pending' Group until their result is known. Click on the 'Join' Button in the Banner at the top of the page.

All other L21+ clusters
If you are NOT of the Irish Type III Cluster, you are unlikely to return a positive L226 result. You MUST have a positive L226 result before requesting to join.
Please do not "Request to Join" this project until you have your L226+ result.

Request to Join the R-L226 Project
To Join the R-L226 Project,
Click on the 'Join' Button in the Banner at the top of the page.

Other Projects to Join
If you have tested L226- but L21+/S145+
: Please consider joining the R-L21 Plus Project rather than this one.