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Big-Y Testing

in November 2013, FTDNA announced the release of their NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) SNP test called "Big-Y"
This test reads along the Y chromosome and gives a result at some 35,000 bases and in doing so, potentially finds many new SNPs 
that would indicate branches in the Y-tree.  This is the most effective way of discovering your 'private' SNPs, those that just you and 
your immediate ancestors have. 

There have been two updates to Big-Y, with the latest version being "Big-Y700"  This latest version is a significant improvement 
over the original version and is strongly recommended.


Latest News
31 May 2024, the results of 600 men who have taken a Big-Y test are now are now displayed in the R-L226 Project DNA Results.
Over 340 Branches have been discovered to date:-

SNP Packs and Singular SNPs for our haplogroup have now been withdrawn. We strongly recommend the Big-Y 700, the ultimate SNP test at this time. 
600 members have either taken or ordered Big-Y in one form or another, which has resulted in the extremely large number of new branches identified.