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ATTENTION BigY Testers:  A note from Mr. James Kane we've been asked to share.

FamilyTreeDNA has begun moving Big Y results to the GRCh38 human reference build.  This has been accompanied by a large change in the VCF/BED package used by the R1b-affiliated analysts for the purposes of constructing experimental trees and estimating branch ages.  In short the ZIP files have gone from a mere 300KB to a current observed range of 11MB up to 28MB.


The increased file sizes exceed the capacity of Yahoo Groups and in some cases email clients for attachments, so this has raised a challenge for the community to overcome.  A small working group has come up with a solution to create a tool currently hosted at http://www.haplogroup-r. org/submit_data.php.  


The form allows you to share your Big Y, Y Elite, WGS or Chip-based testing results.  If the test was performed at a lab other than FTDNA, please use their kit #.  Your FTDNA number may be included in the Other Information box, if you do not mind the information to be publicly available.  Otherwise, a planned registration system will allow you to create a link between the IDs in private.


For individuals that have uploaded hg19-based results to the Yahoo Group Files section, there is no pressing need to resubmit them to the new warehouse.


Once a file has been submitted, the archive is made available to analysts via a Private FTP repository.  The list of people with access includes Mike Walsh, Alex Williamson, Iain McDonald, Jef Treece, James Kane, Stephen Parrish and Nigel McCarthy.  This is expected to grow as project administrators request access to their members’ data.


The link at http://www.haplogroup-r. org/shared_data.html provides a complete list of tests available in the repository.  The search box on the upper right corner of the table allows you to quickly find tests of interest as the list grows.


If there are questions or issues, either use the contact form or email me directly.


James Kane