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R1b-FGC14605 Jewish

The Shapiro/Spira Rabbinical Line aka Y11410
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About us

M269 > Z2103 > M12149, Z2105 >Y13369 > L584 > PF7580 > FGC14598 (+ 6 more) > FGC1460 This is a Y-DNA ONLY project that is a hybrid surname-haplogroup project. It is open to any men who are in haplogroup R1b who are shows as AT LEAST M269 positive and ALSO have Y-DNA matches who have tested positive for one of these SNPs: PF7580, FGC14590, FGC14595, or FGC14600 SNP. I will be removing anyone who joins who has group privacy setting set for "group only". So please change your settings to "limited access". Otherwise I am unable to help you. Because we are hoping to merge the paper trail with the Y-DNA/ phylogenic tree, we will be working closely with the R1b Basal Project. So if you are not already a member we will also add you to that group. Please DO NOT JOIN this project based on either Family Finder or mtDNA results. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MATCH LIST BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN AND MAKE SURE THAT AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR MATCHES (at Y 37 or higher) IS showing a terminal SNP assignment of FGC14600 , FGC14618 or FGC14595 . We will have to remove you from the project. Also, don't join to try and figure out if you are Jewish or not. If you click on the "ancestral origins" tab under Y-DNA, you most likely wlll see the word "Ashkenazi" after many of your matches if you are of Jewish origin. So if none of your matches are Ashkenazi, this project is not for you.